50MB Web Space

How much space do you offer?

As our name 50megs.com implies, we offer

50 megabytes 

of disk space for your web site. With that much space you can store as many web pages as you'll ever need. Fifty megabytes is enough space to store over 5000 average pages. Many free hosting companies only offer you 5-10mb of space, and don't give you a custom domain. In addition to huge amounts of webspace we offer incredible domain names such as my-name.50megs.com, my-favorite-band.50megs.com, my-dog-fido.50megs.com, ...whatever-you-want.50megs.com which are easy for your visitors to remember. Let us provide you with the best possible web site experience, it's what we do!

With your 50megs.com free web site, you'll never need to worry about running out of space.
What do I get?

  • 50 Megabytes Free Web Space! - Build as big of a site as you want.
  • Easy-to-remember, Free Domain Name - Yourname.50megs.com. We put the "you" back in URL.
  • Web Based Email Account - Send and receive e-mail online using your Web site address.
  • Easy Page-Building Tools - New users can build great-looking Web pages in minutes.
  • Versatile Site Management Tools Experienced users can tap into powerful Web management tools, from FTP to a Web-based file manager.
  • FTP Access - Manage your free Web space! Transfer pages from your computer, or copy an entire site to our servers.
  • Guestbooks, Counters, Form E-mailers, and more - Enhance your site with our free suite of tools and add-ons.
  • Help Pages and Tutorials - Learn to be a Web wizard. Our Help Desk has the information you need to learn the secrets of Web page building.
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